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L'Importance de l'Éco-responsabilité

Adoptant des pratiques éco-responsables pour le choix de nos bureaux.

Office Rental: The Key Criteria to Consider!

If you're on the hunt for the perfect office space for your business, here's what you need to know to make the right choice. Follow these tips!

Green Desking: Working Outdoors, the New Trend for Urban Workers

The "green desking", or green office, an innovation originating from Canada, is generating significant interest as the warmer days approach. Unlike the concept of an outdoor school, this practice aims to occasionally and beneficially relocate office employees to green environments in urban settings. In a context where open space and flex offices have become the norm, green desking could represent a new way of working, offering an experience closer to nature even in urban environments. A true dream in Montreal. Montreal, a city already rich in coworking spaces, saw the emergence of this green office concept in 2017. Philippe Pelletier, co-founder of Aire Commune agency and the driving force behind this transformation, explains that the idea originated in the creative Mile-End neighborhood. The initial trials were successful, with outdoor workspaces during the day and event spaces at night. However, the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 disrupted everything, prompting Montreal residents to discover the importance of outdoor work. Thus, the Aire Commune agency launched a new project: the "summer islands." These outdoor work modules, free and without reservation, experienced tremendous success. In 2022, they attracted 100,000 users, spread across 40 islands scattered throughout the city. This initiative promotes social interactions among independent workers and offers the benefits of outdoor work. Studies have shown that working outdoors improves mood, reduces stress, and enhances well-being. In a world where nearly half of office workers lack access to natural light, green desking appears to be a true revolution. Buoyed by this success, the Quebec agency has launched a new offering aimed at professionals and businesses. The "Summer Stations" are privatized meeting spaces equipped for video conferences, installed in glass containers. This initiative aims to attract employees back to the city center after the pandemic. Discussions are underway to export this concept to Toronto. And why not "islands" in major French cities?

Reinventing Office Real Estate: Challenges of a Post-Crisis Transformation

The office real estate market is seeking to reinvent itself after experiencing a significant decline following health and real estate crises. The shift towards hybrid work modes and the widespread adoption of telecommuting have profoundly disrupted the real estate landscape. This transformation is particularly felt by large companies in the Paris region, traditionally fond of offices for their white-collar workforce. The market's decline is evident, fueled by several factors such as eroding productivity gains, economic slowdown, concerns about corporate social responsibility (CSR), and recruitment difficulties. Concepts once unthinkable, such as the four-day workweek or 100% telecommuting, are now being considered. Signs of this decline are also evident in office occupancy rates struggling to exceed 60% in Paris and the increasing adoption of flex office, especially in Greater Paris. Workspaces are being reduced to optimize the use of available space. This evolution has repercussions on the market, with a decrease in real estate transactions, increased competition for prime assets, stagnant investments, and a decrease in prices and rental rates. Real estate professionals must therefore adapt to limit the adverse effects on their profitability. Thus, the office is no longer just a place of work but also a space promoting exchanges and corporate culture. Landlords must now retain their tenants by offering appropriate services and amenities. Customer satisfaction becomes paramount, prompting professionals to diversify their offerings, particularly in terms of design, furniture, and workspace management. To acquire the necessary skills for this transformation, several options are possible, such as creating specialized departments, acquiring companies, or establishing partnerships. At the same time, stakeholders must manage the decline of their main activity and choose services to offer wisely. Three major trends emerge for the future of office real estate: the responsible dimension, with increased attention to energy and environmental performance; expansion in regional areas, facing the capital's declining attractiveness; and renovation or conversion projects, such as coworking spaces or mixed-use developments (housing, coliving, etc.). In summary, the office real estate market is undergoing significant transformation, driven by new business requirements and societal changes. Professionals must adapt quickly to address these challenges and seize the opportunities offered by this new environment.

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